Kasol Kheerganga weekend trek FAQ

Is Kheerganga trek difficult?

It is more difficult , tiring and boring than Kheerganga. Triund is all dry rocky terrain and you have to walk in Sun throughout whereas Kheerganga is mostly muddy track through forests means shade. Kheerganga is not difficult but dangerous but that makes the trek exciting.

How far is Kheerganga from Kasol?

From Kasol, it is at a distance of 40 kms. From there, start trekking to Kheerganga. About 12 kms you would have to trek in which, 6 kms are of steep trails. After walking around 5-6 hours, you will reach Kheerganga.

How long is the Kheerganga Trek?

The time taken to trek to Kheerganga is usually 3 to 4 hours depending on an average person’s speed. It is a fairly easy trek – on the difficulty level and can be ideal for a first time trekker.Apr 3, 2017

How do I plan a Kheerganga Trek?

Start guided trek to Kheerganga. Gather at the base camp at Kasol by latest by 10 in the morning. Reach Barshaini and start long-awaited Kheerganga trek. The trek to Kheerganga from here is about 12 km and will take about 5 to 6 hours to complete.

Why kasol is Mini Israel?

Kasol is a village in Parvati valley which is often referred to as mini Israel due to some reasons but mainly because of the in-habitation of Israelis in the region. Youth, not only from our country but also from abroad is fascinated about this place.

Does snowfall in Kasol?

October to February are winter months in Kasol. … In winter, most of the roads to Kasol are inhospitable due to heavy and frequent snowfall, and if not this, then cold and dry winter winds make it a little difficult to explore the valley.

What is special in Kasol?

Kasol is one of beautiful hill station near Manikaran in District Kullu. It is about 26 km from Kullu. It is famous for natural beauty, one side roaring Parvati river flows and other side hills. Kasol is also known as mini Israel.

Can we stay at Kheerganga?

Kheerganga offers you basic lodging in village. There are many options for guest house available to stay during the night and cost as Rs 150 per night per Bed.

Why is Kheerganga called Kheerganga?

Kheerganga or Kheer Ganga as the name suggest is Ganga River ( the Ganges River) as White as a Kheer (an Indian sweet dish made from milk and Rice) The name Kheerganga came due to the milky waters of the river flowing in all its vastness and its streams flowing into Parvati valley from all sides of the mountain.

What is the best time to visit Kheerganga?

The best time to visit Kheer Ganga – the magical place in Kullu district – is between May and November when the weather is pleasant and conducive for uphill trek.

What is Kheerganga famous for?

Manikaran. Around 17 kilometres from Kheerganga base camp, this small holy town of Manikaran is famous for its Sikh Gurudwara and its refreshing hot springs, aside from its gorgeous mountain and valley views, of course.

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